Firearm Transfers

We will gladly transfer any firearm from another dealer for you. The cost is $25ea. plus the $10 TICS fee. Most dealers charge shipping fees to get your firearm to our location. We encourage our customers to check with us prior to any purchases made via transfer in case we have what you may be looking for in our store at a comparable price, and you may get to take it home today with no waiting!

Information needed

Should you find “that sweet deal” and need to get it here, we will need the name of the FFL dealer, address, phone and fax number, email address and your order/receipt number in order to properly facilitate the transfer.

Send Your Transfer Request Online

Fill in the appropriate information and send it to us. We’ll start the transfer process as soon as we receive it.

* Your Name

* Your Email

* Your Phone

* nRange Location

* Receipt / Order Number

* Name of FFL Dealer or Individual

* Email of FFL Dealer or Individual

  Fax of FFL Dealer or Individual

  Address of FFL Dealer or Individual


NOTE: All transfers are subject to the Tennessee Instant Check System requirements and must be picked up withinin 30 days of receipt. Failure to properly process transfers will result in items being sold for services rendered, and costs incurred. By clicking submit, you agree to these terms set forth.