About once every two months, we schedule a local interest event where anyone who wants to participate in competetive shooting, club shooting or specialty classification practice can be done. Texting into our club gets you quicker updates and easier access along with current specials we run in case you might be interested. Below you can check out some of the events that we will be hosting in the coming months.

Classic Zombie Shoot

At times during the year on Friday and Saturday Nights, we will have zombie targets, “cosmic” black lights and more from 5pm to close for your shooting fun! If you want to bring night lights and lasers, they are welcome. This is a good way to break up a training schedule and get in some alternate lighting situations. Your choice of Zombie targets in addition to regular targets will be available!

Night Shooting

As much as we would like for it not to happen, most dangerous encounters happen at night. At the same time, most of us practice shooting at non-moving or limited moving targets in direct light without being able to account for shadows, depth perception or identification of any kind. This shooting will be done with strict supervision and in-depth instructor analysis in order to facilitate the needs of each individual trainee. Reminder: Without training, no one advances.

Poker Shootout

We will be starting our first of three rounds of the poker shootout again soon. Here’s how it works. Each time you shoot in the first round at a cost of $5 per chance. Shoot as many times as you like at $5 per chance in order to get your best hand. Getting in on round one ensures that, if you make the required hand, you will only pay $5 each time you shoot throughout the contest. Getting in on round two will cost $10, and round three will be $15. Each round getting bigger and bigger prizes.

ROUND ONE: The first round needs a “three of a kind” or better to move on to round two. Shooting for round one will be done anytime during range hours. The person who shoots the best hand in round one will receive a free box of ammo and range pass for winning this particular round, so come brush up them skills and let’s get it goin’!

ROUND TWO: The second round needs a “full house” or better to move on to round three. Shooting for round two can be done anytime during range hours. The person who shoots the best hand in round two will receive a free box of ammo, firearm rental, range pass, and firearm cleaning!

ROUND THREE: The third round winner will be determined by high hand. The winner will receive a free box of ammo, firearm rental, range pass, firearm cleaning and range bag with goodies! The top three hands in this round will compete for a free JOHN A. MURRELL membership to the range by taking three shots (or chances) to split a card sideways! Each shooter is allowed to take the cards they shot with them as a souvenir.The poker hierarchy used is posted at the shop, so come on by and get the lead out!

Club Challenge

We have a shooting team here at the range, and we call ourselves The Posse. We are not professional shooters, but we can hold our own when it comes down to it. Upon issue or receipt, a challenge will be considered, criteria will be laid out, planned and lines drawn. Winners will be posted on our board for all to see and hopefully enjoyed by many. If your team is interested in a checkup, just let us know and the fun will begin…for somebody!

If you are interested in becoming a Posse member and are not an undercover agent working for another club in order to infiltrate us and make us look bad, then contact us and we will schedule a tryout (with background check for you spies) and we will get the party started.


Posse Member Badge
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